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    BlogHer Bound…

    August 3, 2011 - Author: Greis

    Today is the day. I’m heading to San Diego, by way of LAX, for BlogHer 2011. I’ll be meeting a few friends in Los Angeles and we’ll be road tripping south. So excited!!

    Once in San Diego I’ll be shacked up at the Marriott Marquis (one of 2 host hotels) with my roommates Angie and Nanette. Good roomies make a big difference and I’m so excited to be rooming with these 2 ladies.

    I look forward to seeing so many friends this weekend and meeting new ones. If you see me please come say hi, I promise I don’t bite (very hard). I’m horrible with names so if I ask for your twitter handle don’t be shocked. ;)

    If you see me today the chances are very good that I’ll be delirious and have huge bags under my eyes, 2 hours of sleep are not good. I plan to be well rested tomorrow, maybe!! Who am I kidding…

    If you’ll be in San Diego let me know. If you’re looking for me be sure to DM or @ me on twitter, I have those messages being texted to my phone.

    If you’re not at BlogHer this year, I will miss you!

    Hope everyone has a great weekend! I’ll catch you all on the flip side.

    (I’ve typed this while at the airport on my phone. Sorry for any grammatical or spelling errors!!)

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    New York State of Mind…

    August 4, 2010 - Author: Greis

    It’s that time of year again.
    The time of year that most bloggers have been counting down to for months.
    It’s Blogher time!

    Thousands of women (and some men) are traveling, will be traveling or have already arrived in New York City for the main event, one of the largest blogging conferences of the year.  They will all be gathering at the New York Hilton for a weekend full of friends, drinks, laughs, learning, pictures, fun and did I mention drinks?!?

    The Interwebz have been a buzz with excitement all week.  From what to wear, what parties to go to and what sessions to attend everyone is talking about Blogher.  And I’m starting to feel left out.

    I attended my first Blogher last year in Chicago.  I made new friends, sat in on some really amazing sessions, attended fun parties, had dinner with strangers and laughed until my sides hurt.  I was supposed to leave this morning for NYC to partake in my 2nd Blogher.  When I booked my trip I was beyond excited to see friends, meet new ones and have a great weekend in a great city.  But, as we all know, sometimes life gets in the way.

    When I decided to have surgery I had to make a big decision; you see a good friend will be getting married, in San Diego, in September.  I really wanted to attend the wedding, but I really wanted to attend Blogher too.  I knew I wouldn’t be able to do both, you know, since I still haven’t found that money tree.  I would either have surgery early in the summer and attend the wedding or attend Blogher and have surgery later in the year.  I decided that there would always be another Blogher, but there would only be ONE wedding, so I scheduled my surgery and canceled my trip to NYC.  I never in a million years thought it would be so hard to miss out on such a fun weekend.

    Times Square! Pictures, Images and Photos

    So, here I sit reading about all the fun that is already being had in my most favorite city.  The excursions out on the town, the Broadway Shows, the sure to be an all-nighter in the lobby bar, taxi fun, wi-fi issues, pizza, hot dogs, waffle carts, frozen hot chocolate, party planes  and the excitement of those ladies that will be traveling in the morning.

    I know that the decision I made was for the best.  Attending the wedding in September will be something I’ll look back at years from now and be so glad that I was there, but I’m still so bummed that so much fun is being had and I’m not there to partake in it all.

    If you are heading to New York I wish you safe travels and LOTS of fun times.  Please hug EVERYONE on my behalf, be careful, always use protection and have a drink, or 12, for me!  I will miss you all, but you better believe that it’s totally on in 2011!!

    P.S. – Cindy @poobou you promised drunken texts and I’m totally expecting them at some point, please don’t disappoint!

    P.P.S – Stacey @anymommy I will definitely be texting or calling you during one of your “OMG Baby Nater is sleeping” hall parties!!!

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    BlogHer '09, oh what a weekend! – Part 1: Thursday

    August 10, 2009 - Author: Greis
    I went in to my trip to Chicago not knowing what I was getting myself into.
    Sure, I’d heard stories of BlogHer’s past, the swag, the parties the awesome people and the conference itself.
    Until you’ve experienced it you just can’t fully grasp the overwhelming AWESOMENESS of the entire weekend.
    From the moment I arrived in Chicago I felt like I belonged.
    My weekend in Chicago was jam packed and busy.  It was go, go, go from the minute I arrived at the hotel.  Here’s a little look into what a weekend at BlogHer entails: (I apologize now, this will be LONG and very LINKY!)


    • A party at the airportDawn had booked a limo for a group of us that were arriving around the same time.  We were to meet up and ride together to the Sheraton, host hotel extraordinaire.  Shonda and I were on the same flight out of Houston.  We met up with Krystle, Michelle, Andrea, Brittany & Dawn.  It was like our own little party in the O’Hare terminal while we waited for the limo to arrive.  When we finally arrived to the hotel Jen & Victoria were outside waiting for us.  It was our own welcoming crew.  It was nice meeting all these wonderful ladies before getting our BlogHer on.  If all else failed I knew I’d at least know a few people this weekend.
    • Lunch at Dick’s hosted by Amy – this was an amazing opportunity to meet so many people in a very casual environment.  The food was good, the company was great and the service was obnoxious!  I was excited to finally meet Jenny & Emily, Amy, Leslie, Danielle, Issa, Bridget, Carla, Tom & countless others.
    • The SocialLuxe Party – I hear this party was awesome and very well put together, unfortunately I didn’t make it there.  I went back to the hotel and met up with my roomie Kendra.  I kept her from taking a nap and we chatted for a good hour or longer.  It was a great way to sepnd some down time before the BUSY night ahead.
    • Dinner with friends – I was invited to tag along with my newfound BFF’s (Issa, Cat, Kirsten, Stacey, Andrea, Kari, Renee & Maura),  for an authentic Chicago dinner.  We decided on Gino’s Deep Dish pizza, hello, couldn’t go to Chicago and not have pizza.  The pizza was amazing but the time with friends was the best.  It was definitely a highlight of my weekend.Thursday Pizza Dinner
    • The People’s Party – this shindig was exactly as it states.  It was a party for the people.  EVERYONE was invited.  I was a little late to the party but enjoyed my time while there.  I was finally able to see Chris Mann perform live.  I’m so sad that there is no photographic evidence of my Mann sighting, because RAWR, he’s hot!  I also met Jenny – The Bloggess, one of the party’s hostesses, and she’s just as AWESOME in person as she is on her blog.  We both live in the same city but had to travel to Chicago to finally meet in person.
    • The Room704 Party – this is the party hosted by, you guessed it, the Room704 girls.  It was by far the craziest of all the parties.  There was a line mob formed a good 10 or 15 minutes before the party was to start just for the swag bags.  They were pretty awesome swag bags, but really, was it necessary to fight, claw, push and shove just to get one?  The party was held in the back lobby of the hotel.  Basically an open area to meet and mingle with 500 of your closest bloggy friends.  I had the pleasure of meeting so many of my “online” friends during this party. After searching high and low I finally found Meghan selling raffle tickets, of course, with Heather D. We shared a hug and quite possibly a very loud SQUEE, it was very exciting.  My other mission was to finally meet Heather.  There was conflicting information as to where she was, but after a little more searching I found her, clad in her purple boa and glowing behind the swag table.  She didn’t recognize me, as was to be expected.  I introduced myself and we shared a hug.  She is so sweet and cute as can be.
    • After Party – the Room704 party ended but the lobby stayed packed.  Many of us continued to chat and meet into the late hours of the evening.  Not too long after the official party ended there was a naked person sighting.  It wasn’t just any naked person, it was NakedJen.  She took a stroll down the escalator, through the party and then casually walked back up the escalator.  We had been warned that she was about to make her appearance, but until you actually see a naked woman walking through, you just don’t think it’ll happen.  She is definitely braver and more secure with herself than I will ever be.  And I absolutely commend her for that.

    Other Thursday Meetings:

    1. Anissa – she is teh awesome and gives great hugs.
    2. Miss Britt – it was a brief meeting, but she’s funny and such a sweetie.
    3. Tanis – I met her outside of the hotel and I may have outed her on Twitter.  About what?  I will never tell! (she never said I outed her, but others did.  So, I quickly retracted my tweet and apologized profusely!! LOL :))
    4. Andrea – she may or may not have taken some incriminating pictures with a blow up doll.
    5. Casey – so beautiful and she doesn’t even remember meeting me. ;)
    6. Cindy – I absolutely love her!!!
    7. Jen – she’s a quad mom and I may have stalked her while in Chicago.  OK, so maybe not really stalking, but I kept running into her and her absolutely adorable family EVERYWHERE.

    If we met and I haven’t listed you, please don’t hate me.  There are 2 more parts coming.  I also have a horrible memory and I’m sure I’ll forget some awesome people.  I will begin apologizing now.

    **OK, so this is getting way too long.  I’m gonna break it up into 3 parts.  If you stuck around to the end, you ROCK and I thank you!**

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