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    June 27, 2011 - Author: Greis - 7 Comments

    I’ve never been a runner.  In fact, I’d even venture to say that I hate running.  I’ve always hated running.  And until recently (last week) I would have bet money on the fact that I would never enjoy running EVER!!

    With my hate of running you’d be surprised to learn that last Thursday I started the Couch to 5K program (C25K).  Yes, go ahead and soak that little tidbit of information in for a minute, I’ll wait.

    Are you back?  No worries, I’m just as surprised as you are.

    For the past year or so I’ve heard friends on Twitter, Facebook and blogs praise the C25K program a LOT.  With my hate of running I never in a million years even considered starting the program, because HELLO, it’s all about running.  Well, on Thursday something changed.  I decided that I needed to step up my workout routine and thought C25K might be just what I needed so I downloaded the C25K app on to my iPhone and decided I’d give it a go at the gym that evening.

    I’m happy to report that I did Week 1 – Day 1 of the C25K program and LOVED it.  I know, I know it was just day 1, but loving it after ONE day is pretty amazing in my book.  I enjoyed it so much so that I have been looking forward to doing Day 2, but it was the weekend, and the busyness of it all took over and Day 2 has been put off until after work today.  I can’t wait! (Did I just say I can’t wait to workout, really?!? Who am I?)

    I’m hoping that my enthusiasm for running continues for a long time to come.  Running is such a great cardio workout and I’m hoping that it will be the change in my routine that I’m looking for.  I’ll be sure to report back in a few weeks and let you know how I’m doing.

    Wish me luck, I might need it!

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    Discussion (7 Comments)

    1. by Neena
      Twitter: Christina Yother

      That is awesome!! You go girl!!


    2. Good Luck! I did the program last summer and loved it as well. Make sure you have a kick-butt playlist to jog to, makes it so much easier.


    3. by Erin
      Twitter: ecsuperhero

      Good job! I just completed the program and yes, your enthusiasm will continue. You might find yourself stumbling some days, but it is a great program.


    4. by ohjennymae
      Twitter: ohjennymae

      when i started running again i did c25k & ran a half marathon 9 months later. i’ve officially got the running bug. c25k is a great starter program. good luck!!


    5. by Tara R.

      ooohh…. I just started that program too. I’ve only done Week 1, Day 1, but I think it will be good starter training. Good luck with the program!


    6. by cindy w
      Twitter: poobou

      I did C25K last year and really liked it. I will say that I got stuck on week 3 or 4 and had to hang there for a few weeks to get my endurance up before I could move up to the next level. So it might take longer than 9 weeks to do the whole program. But that’s ok, you just hang with it & you’ll get there.

      Last summer I ran 20 minutes without stopping, which is something I have NEVER done in my life, ever.

      We’ll have to commiserate when I start C25K again myself (soon!).


    7. by Laura Scarborough
      Twitter: nicurnmama

      way to go! I got my start running 2 years ago with the C25K program. It was hard at first but it was truly the easiest way for me to accomplish that which I never imagined that I could…running. It can be contagious too as you have seen on the web. In my workplace ten co-workers, including my boss, have taken up running after me starting with the C25K program.
      Good luck!


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