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    Happy 100th Post – 100 things about me…

    April 3, 2009 - Author: Greis - 12 Comments
    The “100 Things” post is a tradition in the blogosphere.
    You’re supposed to write 100 things about you as your 100th post.
    This is my 100th post and the following is my 100 things…
    I hope you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

    1. My name is Greis
    2. It’s pronounced Grace, just in case you’re wondering.
    3. My dad spelled it phonetically the way it sounds when he says Grace with his Spanish accent.
    4. I was born in Germany.
    5. My dad was stationed there while he was in the U.S. Army.
    6. I was born 6 weeks early.
    7. My mom’s original due date was Dec. 26.
    8. I weighed a little over 5 pounds.
    9. I’m a CubaRican.
    10. My dad is from Cuba.
    11. My mom is from Puerto Rico.
    12. I look absolutely 100% white.
    13. I’ve lived in Houston since I was 2.
    14. I turned 30 in November of 2008.
    15. I was NOT looking forward to it.
    16. It took me a few months, but I’m completely over the anxiety of it now.
    17. I’m a Scorpio.
    18. If you read the traits of a Scorpio, it’s me to a T.
    19. I’m single.
    20. And at this rate will be for the rest of my life.
    21. I have a younger brother.
    22. He’ll be 24 in August.
    23. My parents were married when they were 20.
    24. They’ll be celebrating their 36th wedding anniversary in June.
    25. I hope to share the kind of love they share with someone some day.
    26. I have no kids.
    27. I have 2 awesome God kids.
    28. My Goddaughter is 7.
    29. My Godson is 6.
    30. They live in Arkansas.
    31. I don’t get to see them as often as I would like.
    32. I hope to become a mom someday.
    33. Everyone tells me I’d be a GREAT mom.
    34. I totally agree.
    35. I’m a BIG Astros fan.
    36. I go to about 50 – 60 games a year.
    37. My all-time favorite Astro is #7, Craig Biggio.
    38. I Love Lance-A-Lot as well.
    39. That’s Lance Berkman, just in case you were wondering.
    40. My dog’s name is Astro.
    41. I have an Astros star tattoo on my left ankle.
    42. I’m loyal and LOVE my team.
    43. I work full time.
    44. I’m an Administrative Asst.
    45. I work over 40 hours a week.
    46. I love my job.
    47. I’m on a mission to lose over 100 pounds.
    48. I’ve been told that I carry my weight well.
    49. I’m not too sure what that means.
    50. Just cause I carry it well doesn’t mean I have to lose less.
    51. In my 30 years I’ve tried many a diet.
    52. They usually work in the short term.
    53. And then I go back to my old habits.
    54. And gain the weight + some back.
    55. This time is different.
    56. I’m more focused.
    57. The weight’s coming off.
    58. I’m doing it slow this time.
    59. The healthy way.
    60. I joined Weight Watchers.
    61. I really like the program.
    62. Especially since I can eat what I want as long as I’m within my POINTS.
    63. Some days it’s hard to reach my total points.
    64. Others it’s hard not to go over my total points.
    65. Weight loss is NOT easy.
    66. I started working out again in January.
    67. My goal is to make it to the gym at least 3 days a week.
    68. Lately, I’m lucky to get there once a week.
    69. Things have been crazy busy.
    70. I watch too much television.
    71. It’s a horrible habit.
    72. But, I love my shows.
    73. I absolutely L.O.V.E. reality shows.
    74. The Biggest Loser is my fave.
    75. I would love to be on the show.
    76. Especially if Jillian could be my trainer.
    77. I would do it just to do it.
    78. No need to add the monetary prize.
    79. I just want to get healthy and lose the weight.
    80. I’ve seen EVERY episode of Survivor.
    81. I hate cleaning house.
    82. Vacuuming is the worst.
    83. I would love a housekeeper.
    84. But, why pay for something I am capable of doing for FREE?
    85. I don’t cook often.
    86. It’s pretty good when I do.
    87. I love baking.
    88. And chocolate.
    89. Neither of which are good for my diet.
    90. I have the most awesome friends in the world.
    91. They keep me focused.
    92. I’m going on a cruise with 2 of my besties in September.
    93. It’ll be my FIRST cruise.
    94. We are so EXCITED!!!
    95. I love travelling.
    96. I wish I could travel more often.
    97. I dream of travelling to Australia someday.
    98. I started blogging just because.
    99. I love reading blogs as much as I enjoy writing.
    100. If you got this far, thanks for reading!!!

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    Discussion (12 Comments)

    1. by Maura

      Congrats on your 100th! Neat list, I feel like I know you a little better now. Especially how to pronounce your first name! :-) I kind of always wondered.

      Good luck on your “losing” effort and your next 100.


    2. by Katie

      I hopped on over here from Momminitup! And if you love Jillian, check out the 30 day shred workout DVD! You can do it at your home, making it way easier to workout. Its challenging but doable! Plus you get that crazy “I”m super sweaty but I just burned major calories” feeling when you are done!


    3. by Karen

      Congrats on hitting 100.

      Ironically, I have a Craig Biggio autographed baseball that I got from him at an awards dinner a while back. Otherwise, I would have had no idea who you were talking about…


    4. by Headless Mom

      I’m embarrassed at how long it’s been since I’ve been here. I adore your new look!

      Great 100 things…they’re fun to read- I could comment on probably 25 of them… I won’t.

      Love you, Girl!


    5. by Mrs. F

      Congrats on your 100th post. Very cool list!


    6. by Sherrie

      Congrats on your 100th post. That’s an awesome feat! And — sounds like a girl’s cruise is just what I need, too. LOL! I’ve never been on one either. And — I’ll join you in the idea of going to Australia one of these days. It’s been a dream since I was 16. LOL!


    7. by Karyn
      Twitter: mcqueenie23

      So I totally just stalked your blog and stumbled upon this, I’m so with you on the hating the housework, sucks when you’re single because you have nobody else to blame it on!


    8. by Karen

      I forget which trail of breadcrumbs lead me to your blog but here I am. I feel compelled to stalk…follow…admire you because not only do we have a lot in common but I am Australian and thoroughly approve of you wanting to visit. Aside from that, I’m 32, single, overweight, a dork, have a younger brother who is a Scorpio, like chocolate too much, live with my cousins and their two children whom I adore, hate housework, have two parents who have been happily married for a bajillion years, teach for a living, am constantly told I should be a mother as if I somehow am choosing not to be AND the four-year-old version of my cousinly surrogates is called Grace.


      I think so.

      (Not so sure on the sport thing and I can’t bake to save myself but I’m an expert eater and not being passionate about sport just means I’m happy to agree with you about your team, so it all works out.)
      .-= KarenĀ“s last blog ..Entrophy Sets In =-.


      Greis Reply:

      OMG, it must be fate!!! Welcome and thanks for commenting. Hope I can keep you entertained. I’m pretty boring some most of the time!

      Have a great weekend!!


    9. by Angie M.

      we will SO be bonding in vegas next month :)


      Greis Reply:

      I know…and I can’t wait!!!


    10. by Gerald

      you look great


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